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MAKE: Nissan



YEAR: 2021

MILEAGE: 1,700

PRICE: £99,995.00 OVNO

2021 Nissan GT-R R35

  • Another true icon from the technical masters in Japan, the first iteration of the R35 all those years ago managing to tear Clarkson’s neck muscles on the track test due to how ferocious the cornering speeds and grip were, move forwards a few years and various tweaks have made what was instantly a perfect do it all weapon, into something even more revered. Here we have one of the last off the production line and probably the lowest mileage car in the U.K for sale currently.


    Your eyes do not deceive you, it really is on 1,700 miles only, so new still that the blue plastic covers are still on the badges, so you can even get that brand-new car experience of lifting the protective films yourself – it isn’t often you get that luxury! It also shows that it has been owned by a VERY caring owner, the car hasn’t ever seen a drop of rain, it has been in storage with either ourselves or Litchfield since new and only taken out on dry days, cleaned and then put back in warm, dry trickle charged car heaven!


    With a car so fresh, there isn’t a lot to mark it down on, the car was ceramic coated from new and has been cared for to the nth degree at all times, so you’ll be hard pushed to find a better car. It has also been cared for by Litchfield, having had all of its services on time and up to date.

  • With a hand built twin turbo v6 up front, driving all four wheels, the GT-R pushes all of its power to the road with such force and brutality there isn’t a lot that will stay with it from the line, it will continue to march on to nearly 200mph too if you’re brave enough. Nissan built these with one thing in mind – to be able to destroy any 4-seater and by my reckoning, they made quite a job of it!


    With every possible creature comfort on board, including graphs to show your G forces, you’re left wanting for nothing! A sweet and purposeful note from the exhaust, brakes that could stop a freight train and as much mechanical grip as one could ever wish for, helped by lots of computers and electronics, you’ll find it tricky not to want to find the limits!


    A car with almost no miles, perfect history and a Litchfield exhaust upgrade, it sounds epic, drives like new and ticks every possible box. If you’re after the best R35 there is, then this is the one for you. Collector quality and ready to roll.




    TRANSMISSION: 6 speed automatic

    Engine: 3.8L twin turbo V6

    Power: 565 bhp Torque: 481 lb/ft

    0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

    Top Speed: 196 mph


    PRICE: £99,995.00 - OVNO

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