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MAKE: McLaren


COLOUR: Volcano Orange

YEAR: 2016

MILEAGE: 12,380

PRICE: £84,995.00 

2016 McLaren 540C

  • Stunning in its factory Volcano Orange, optional MSO colour coded key fobs, along with a host of nice performance upgrades to boot; including a brand-new Quicksilver titanium exhaust system, fitted by us, callipers refurbed and painted to colour match the wheels again in house at HPC Classics. We also fitted a fire extinguisher in the front boot as a safety measure. The car also has a full set of fresh Michelin PS4 tyres too, so it rides and handles just as you'd expect.


    The car drives exactly as you’d hope and sounds even better than most of the standard cars, with the turbo muffled exhausts, a worthy upgrade with the custom black coated Ti exhaust, improving both flow rates and aural enjoyment!


    The car is incredibly quick as you’d expect and feels completely planted at any speed. It was still on its original tyres until recently too, which would suggest it hasn’t seen any hard use nor track action.


    The car will come with a 5 month McLaren warranty transferrable to the new owner.


    So, a perfect car, in the ultimate colour combo, with an amazing spec list - what’s not to like. If you’re after a 540C, this is the one to have.


    The car was MOT’d and serviced in June too, so wants for nothing and is ready to be enjoyed. When we refurbished the callipers this month, we also fitted brand new brake pads all round too.

  • In near perfect condition due to its age and low mileage. The car is spot on and ready to be enjoyed. With the BW audio system, carbon pack and stealth badging and aftermarket upgrades, the car really is something special. 


    The car was still on its original tyres, until last month when they were replaced due to age, which just goes to show that it hasn't been given a hard time at any stage, a bit of peace of mind when buying such a high-performance machine. 


    See below original spec list for the car:


    ET010113_AUDIOUP_PLUS : Bowers and Wilkins 12 Speaker Audio System

    EX150313_EC0018E : Exterior Elite Paint - Volcano Orange

    EX190113_CF_EXT_1A_PACK : Carbon Fibre Exterior Pack 1

    EX260213_Coupe_RF_BC : Roof - Body Colour

    EX280113_CF_MIRRORS : Door Mirror - Carbon Fibre

    EX290113_STD_EXH : Standard Exhaust

    EX300113_NON_STEALTH : Exhaust Finisher - Silver

    EX370113_SPLIT_GRAIN : Front Splitter - Natural Finish

    EX380113_STD_LTRBLDE : Aero Blade - Standard

    EX400113_STD_RR_BUMP : Rear Bumper - Dark Palladium

    EX430113_STD_RRDECK : Rear Deck/Engine Covers - Dark Palladium

    EX430413_STD_PLEM : Plenum - Dark Palladium

    EX440113_CF_EXT_DR_INS_MSO : Exterior Door Insert - MSO Defined CF

    EX500113_CF_INTAKE : Side Intake - Carbon Fibre

    EX510113_STD_SKIRT : Side Skirt - Standard

    EX550113_STD_ARCH : Wheel Arch - Standard

    EX610113_STD_DIFF : Diffuser - Standard

    EX620113_STD_RR_WING : Rear Wing - Dark Palladium

    EX900113_STEALTH_BADGE : Badge Set - Stealth

    EX910113_BADGE : Model Designation

    EX920113_BY_MC_PK_N : Design Edition - Not Selected

    EX950113_SC_LATCH : Soft Close Doors

    IN010613_CURATED_INT : Interior Trim - By McLaren Interior

    IN020113_CUR05_THEME : SD4/Perf – Carbon Black and McLaren Orange

    IN030113_LUX_PACK : Luxury Pack

    IN040113_0325SF : Sill Finisher - Jet Black Nappa Leather

    IN040113_STD_SLFIN_MCL_BRD : Sill Finisher - Leather

    IN050113_ELEC_SEAT : Electric and Heated Memory Seats

    IN050113_STD_SEAT : Standard Seat Style

    IN060113_STD_SEAT_BACK : Seat Back - Black

    IN100113_ELEC_COL : Steering Column - Electric

    IN160113_0850HL : Headliner - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN250113_2101_2105_WW : Steering Wheel - Carb Blk/McLaren Orange

    IN270113_0906WS : Steering Wheel Stitch - McLaren Orange

    IN300113_0650SB : Seatbelt - Carbon Black

    IN410113_0850Z1 : Seat Zone 1 - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN410213_0321Z2 : Seat Zone 2 - McLaren Orange Perf Nappa

    IN410313_0850Z3 : Seat Zone 3 - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN420113_0304SS : Seat Stripe - McLaren Orange Nappa Lthr

    IN420213_0900SL : Seat Stripe Stitch - Carbon Black

    IN480113_0906SA : Seat Stitch - McLaren Orange

    IN490213_SEAT_SEW_B6 : Seat Sew Style B6

    IN570113_0906YI : Door Stitch (Inner) - McLaren Orange

    IN570213_0906YO : Door Stitch (Outer) - McLaren Orange

    IN580113_0850DO : Door Outer - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN590113_0325DI : Door Inner - Jet Black Nappa Leather

    IN590213_0304EC : End Cap - McLaren Orange Nappa Leather

    IN600113_0325DT : Door Insert - Jet Black Nappa Leather

    IN630113_0850QI : QTR Panel Inner - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN630213_0850QL : QTR Panel Lower - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN630313_0850QU : QTR Panel Upper - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN700113_0850FU : Facia Upper - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN710113_0304FL : Facia Lower - McLaren Orange Nappa Lthr

    IN730113_0850BC : Cluster Cover - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN740113_0900FO : Facia Stitch (Outer) - Carbon Black

    IN760313_0906FI : Facia Stitch (Inner) - McLaren Orange

    IN780113_SATIN_C : Brightwork - Satin Chrome

    IN790113_CF_SWPK : Switch Pack - Carbon Fibre

    IN800113_0325_0325_WT : Tunnel - Jet Black Nappa Leather

    IN810113_0906TS : Tunnel Stitch - McLaren Orange

    IN820113_0325TC : Console Lid - Jet Black Nappa Leather

    IN820213_0906TT : Console Lid Stitch - McLaren Orange

    IN830113_2001CA : Carpet - Carbon Black

    IN900113_0850CP : Capping Panel - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN910113_0850BP : B-Pillar - Carbon Black Alcantara

    IN9801P1MPHCLUSTER : Instrument Cluster - MPH

    PT010113_COUPE_C : McLaren 540C Coupe

    PT0201MY2016 : 2016 Model Year

    PT0301010R : Europe

    PT0401010004L : Vehicle Specification - United Kingdom

    PT0501RHD : Right Hand Drive

    PT0601OMENG : Owners Manual - English

    PT0701SYSL_ENGLISH : System Language - English (UK)

    PT100113_FLOORMAT : Branded Floor Mat Set

    PT1601KEY_MATBLK : Ignition Key - Standard Matt Black

    PT300113_ACCESSORIES : Warning Triangle and First Aid Kit

    PT9901433MHZ : 433Mhz Frequency for TPMS and Keys

    SS010113_PARKTRONIC : Parking Sensors (Front and Rear)

    SS020113_PSREVCAM : Parking Sensors and Rear Parking Camera

    SS030113_SECURITY_PACK : Security Pack

    SS050113_VOL_ALARM : Volumetric Alarm

    SS150113_NOSELIFT : Vehicle Lift

    WB020113_WHLOPT_PG : 5 Twin-Spoke Lightweight Wheel - Stealth

    WB030113_STDBRK : Iron Brakes

    WB040113_STDBRK_SB : Iron Brakes - Silver Callipers

    WB100113_TY_PZRO : Tyres - Pirelli P ZERO

    WB990113_TPMS : Tyre Pressure Monitoring System






    TRANSMISSION: 7 speed Auto

    ENGINE: 3,799 cc Twin turbocharged V8


    Power   533bhp @ 7,700rpm

    Torque  398 lb ft @ 3500 - 6500rpm

    0 – 60    3.5 Seconds

    Max speed 199 mph

    PRICE: £84,995.00 – ONO - Open to PX

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