MAKE: Jaguar


COLOUR: Firesand Orange

YEAR: 2016

MILEAGE: 15,305

PRICE: £54,995.00 - ONO

2016 Jaguar F Type R

  • If you’re looking for an F Type R, you won’t want to overlook this stunner of a car. With almost every box ticked on the options sheet, you have a serious supercar bating missile here, with all of the creature comforts you could imagine from a top end Range Rover.


    With buttery smooth suspension, a throttle pedal as viscous as a Lamborghini Gallardo and 4WD to keep it pointing in the right direction, you have the best of both worlds, in Jaguar’s own words, Grace, Pace and Space, it certainly feels as though you’re being catapulted to space that’s for sure.


    As if the F Type didn’t already have a fantastic exhaust note, this particular car has been fitted by us with a Quicksilver Super Sport exhaust, increasing flow, torque, power and of course noise! This car looks fabulous, drives perfectly and sounds like a supercar to boot, all the performance for half of the budget. These cars have been clocked managing 3.3 seconds to 60mph with warm tyres! Very impressive for a GT car of its size.

  • With a full history backing up its mileage and plenty of servicing for peace of mind, you can tell the car has been in good care:


    PDI: 8 miles

    12M: 3,987 miles

    24M: 7,426 miles

    Sale prep: 9,507 miles

    36M: 11,948 miles