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MAKE: Ariel

MODEL: Atom – 3.5

COLOUR: Black and White

YEAR: 2016

MILEAGE: 8,125

PRICE: £45,995.00

2016 Ariel Atom K20 Supercharged

  • Where do you start with a rocket ship like this? We are used to fast cars here at HPC, but this is otherworldly, completely insane and ridiculous! 2.8 to 60mph and your brain struggles to keep up. No matter what turns up at a car show / track day, this will wipe the floor with it unless it’s a fully blown race car.


    Known to petrolheads as the nirvana of all that is fast, the Atom gives a performance and handling balance unlike any other car, wind in your hair, eyes, teeth, up your trouser leg and everywhere else experience, it’s a level above a convertible…


    On the road, the car handles effortlessly and gives you all of the feedback you’d want and more, as you’re so involved with everything that’s going on, including being able to set up the brake bias as you please (a nice optional extra)!


    On brand new tyres, sat in new and very comfortable carbon seats, it gives everything you could possibly imagine back to the driver and at no stage do you feel like you’re not the master of the ship, it is that good. Add to that the supercharger whine right behind your head, to call it intoxicating would be an understatement.


    If you’re contemplating one, you’ll have to come and see it for yourself, as no description will quite get you to understand how swiftly it makes horizons appear and how little you need to slow down to round the turns at the end of them!

  • The car has a wonderful history file and has been very well cared for over its small 8,215 miles. Having had 5 services, one with us this week, making it prepped and ready for the new owner to take and enjoy straight away.


    The car wants for nothing at all, having had a vast amount spent on its previous service, in order to bring the car up a level from where it left the factory – see below list of upgrades it was treated to only 400 miles ago at Ariel themselves –

    An invoice is in the file for over £8,000 of work, including two new Carbon Fibre Seats, new Quick-Release Steering Wheel in Alcantara, New Yokohama Tyres, Supercharger Drive Belt and more.


    The car was then purchased by our customer, who had us set the suspension up to Ariel’s track set up, so the suspension is ready to go for track & fast road driving too, fully aligned and ready to upset the supercars.



    • First Service on 01-02-2018 @ 4500 miles by Ariel Motor Company
    • Second Service on 01-12-2018 by Car Limits
    • Third Service 01-12-2019 @ 7000 miles
    • Fourth Service (See photos) on 11-06-2021 @ 7,724 miles by Ariel Motor Company
    • Fifth service at HPC classics @ 8,215 miles


    This car has been so well looked after and it shows, I believe this to be the best presented car on the market, with the best history.


    I implore anyone keen on one of these to come and see this car and drive it (if it’s nice and warm!) to see just how amazing they are. I’m sure once you’ve sat in this, there is no going back! To get a better idea, grab a cuppa and have a watch of this:



    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 2.4L Supercharged


    Maximum speed  155 mph (limited)

    Power   310 hp

    Torque  169

    0 – 60   2.8 Seconds

    PRICE: £45,995.00 - Open to sensible offers





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