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MAKE: Lamborghini

MODEL: Aventador LP700-4

COLOUR: Giallo

YEAR: 2014

MILEAGE: 33,000

PRICE: £169,995.00

2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP700/4

  • Few car manufacturers have ever created more arresting artwork on wheels than Lamborghini, with the Aventador being about as good as it gets. Full supercar credentials, howling V12 behind two seats and ridiculous horsepower, 0 – 60 sprint and top speed numbers. This is exactly what supercar ownership is all about, cars that grab the attention of everyone within a half mile radius. Neck snapping because it is both beautiful and riotously fast.


    Even without a driver’s licence you can appreciate a car like this. A perfect silhouette, aggressive stance and classic Lamborghini accents, there really isn’t anything you could possibly dislike in a standard 700/4. Add to that the £20k SVJ style carbon body kit & wing, it looks even better.


    Start the car up to the arousing and butter smooth note of the V12 and you know instantly that this car isn’t all show and no go, it truly is as fast as it appears. Once the engine is up to temperature you can switch the car into corsa mode, opening up the standard exhaust valves, to hear the engine in song at its full potential, which is where it is at its best.


    The car drives and rides beautifully, the formula car style pushrod Ohlins suspension handling the bumps and cambers better than any car of this size and power has any right to. The carbon ceramic brakes once up to temperature retard the car with such vigour, they’re almost more impressive than the acceleration itself. You couldn’t ask for more even with a new supercar to compare this to, it is every bit as good, helped of course by the looks and the better noise of the naturally aspirated engine.


    Having been PPF’d from new, the entire car is in fabulous order. We have left it in situ, so that the new owner can choose to leave it on and add miles, or remove it and polish the car up to make it show winning standard once again. Cars really don’t get much better, the only thing not being sold with the car is the number plate!

  • Long-term ownership is always good for a car and this one is no different. Having been with its custodian for no less than 7 years, as his favourite and go to supercar (from the collection), it has been the staple in the quiver. It did many miles, winning awards and being well used by its first owner too, it has a well-documented history and is a well-known car.


    With full Lamborghini service history throughout its life, it has never wanted for anything. New tyres fitted in 2021 all round and a service in November too. The car has been treated extremely well and has preventative maintenance undertaken this month too, having had the radiators reconditioned at a cost of £5k. So, there won’t be any overheating issues to worry about either.


    The car has only ever been cleaned by a local professional detailer since the local owner assumed ownership, as care for his cars is on another level, so you know it is coming from a fantastic home.


    Spec wise, you have the all-important front end lift, heated electric seats with 6 settings, reverse camera and sensors front and rear. Bluetooth and all mod cons as you’d expect.


    The car comes with all of its original book packs, trickle charger, gloves, pump and first aid kit too.


    If you’re looking for a sure-fire future classic and an investment, these cars will only go one way. What with the very last Aventador rolling off the production line just this week, there are no more ever going to be made. They’re rare, beautiful and enjoyable. Surely a better place for your money than in the bank / the energy company’s pocket!


    NOTE: Number plate not included.






    TRANSMISSION: 7 Speed automatic

    Engine: 6.5L V12


    Power: 700 bhp


    0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds


    Top Speed: 217 mph


    PRICE: £169,995.00 – Open to sensible offers




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