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COLOUR: Silverstone Blue II

YEAR: 2008

MILEAGE: 81,537

PRICE: £20,995.00 

2008 BMW M3 (E90) - Manual, EDC - Reduced

  • The E90 M3. Is this the ultimate do it all car? I certainly think so, having owned an E92 myself, there is very little that ticks so many boxes. Speed, handling, refinement, looks, character, reliability and even economy, these cars are really difficult to fault. Plus adding man maths into the equation, how many other cars from 2008 are already well on a steady incline value wise? A car that both you and your bank balance can enjoy is a mutual ground not often covered!


    With very few natural predators, these cars are almost impossible to stick with on a B road or a track alike, giving even the best track prepped machines a run for their money, then being comfortable enough to drive home again with your heated seats on and the EDC on comfort mode, you could be lulled into thinking you were in a much larger more comfortable machine. With the state of the roads these days EDC is a godsend and thankfully this car had that option ticked from the factory.


    This particularly well spec’d car, is in the optional Silverstone blue paint, with a manual gearbox, EDC and heated leather, it has all the makings of the perfect one car garage! Some quick thoughts as to why these cars are flying up in value as follows and reasons we also covet them here at HPC:


    • The last naturally aspirated M3
    • The only ever V8 M3
    • 420 BHP and revs forever
    • A proper manual gearbox
    • Zero inherent build quality issues
    • Incredible handling, brakes and useability


    Add to this that the 4 door (E90) is the most sought after and rare of the E9X bunch, you have a car that will certainly always command strong money and respect from the true driving enthusiasts.

  • With only 81k miles on the clock, a comprehensive history and having had all of the large preventative maintenance jobs already carried out, this car is one of the best on the market, in a rare and sought-after specification, if you’re looking for an E90, this one should be on top of your Christmas list!


    Yes, the rod bearings have been done! So again there are no future worries or woes to come, the car is in turnkey condition for somebody to go and enjoy.


    Since delivery to us at HPC we want to always make sure the cars we put out are as good as they can be, the only jobs we could find were a fresh battery coded to the car & polished and Bilt Hamber wax coated, so that the new owner can go straight to the nearest show and be proud to show this rarity off, which to me just shows how well it has been looked after. If you’re after one of the rarest and best presented E90’s, look no further.


    To arrange a test drive or viewing / video call, get in touch using the details below.




    TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 3,999 cc


    Maximum speed  155 mph (limited)

    0 – 60 mph   4.9 seconds.

    Power   420 hp @ 8,300 rpm.

    Torque  400 NM @ 4,000 rpm.

    PRICE: £20,995.00 - ONO




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