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MAKE: Ultima



YEAR: 2006

MILEAGE: 5,000

PRICE: £57,995.00 

2006 Ultima GTR

  • A Le Mans car for the road and every bit as fast. Its striking exterior Prototype styling evoking the glorious days of the Porsche 962s and their contemporaries just shouts about how purposeful this machine is, it doesn’t boast or brag, it knows! It isn’t very often that I’ll say a car is absolutely incredible, but this is on another level altogether. We’ve driven an awful lot of very fast cars over the years, but this GTR re-adjusts those senses. It is in a league all of its own, making an Aventador feel pedestrian is no mean feat, add to that that there’s no traction control or ABS to assist you, it really is otherworldly. It is the Marshall amp of the supercar world; it’s turned all the way up to 11!


    Looking at the perfect paintwork, brand new carbon fibre additions direct from the factory, this is a car that not only is good enough to show, it really has got the go too. Factory AC keeps the neatly flocked Alcantara interior cool, the expensive and race car derived dry sump kit does the same with the oil. This car has all of the options you could dream of. The factory carbon added last year, at a cost of £8k, which really does finish the lines off. The dry sump kit was round £5k alone, it has had a respray to remove any stone chips and it hasn’t ever been on track either! If you’re after a GTR, you’ll struggle to find a better example.


    So mechanically how is the car? Well, having covered minimal mileage and predominantly to and from shows, it has spent the majority of its life in an air tight bubble, hence the suspension, chassis, brakes, well entire car for that matter all being in as new condition. The car will be serviced, with all new fluids and four new tyres too, so it is as close to a new car as you can find, but without the wait for a build slot.


    It looks, sounds and goes unlike any other car, unless you work at NASA, you’re unlikely to have experienced acceleration like it. Value for money these are absolutely impossible to beat, it’ll beat a lot of track cars at half throttle. Its chassis, geometry and cornering ability also keep up with the viscous acceleration too, it is sublime in the bends, with the fully adjustable suspension eating the bumps with alacrity. The huge formula car AP Racing brakes are thankfully just as awe inspiring – they need to be when horizons become reality at a rate that normally only happens when you go on holiday…

  • So, the crux of this car, 980kgs, 6.2 litres of small block situated in the middle, with very high-end alloy heads, lumpy cam and a 750 double pumper carb on top to mix the air and fuel for you, it punches out a frankly ridiculous 661bhp, meaning that even if pub talk is all you’re after, you’ll win that too!


    The car presents perfectly, due to the care and love it has received in its short life. It really does just need driving. Its prepped and coming fully serviced, with 4 new tyres and a geometry set up, so all you need to do is fill those twin tanks and go and scare yourself silly! (You will).


    You literally won’t find another car that comes close to it performance wise. Its rare, good looking, fast and is actually great to drive. The Ultima name is well lived up to, as at home on the road as Silvertstone circuit, but I’d suggest the latter to really open its lungs as with a top speed way in excess of 200 mph and only limited by the gearing, this car will excite even the most hardened of petrolheads!


    The car comes supplied with all of the build documentation, two keys, on unused Ultima leather key rings, owners’ manuals for the brakes and engine, a CD with the build included. There is a second set of polished alloy wheels, a central shifter should you choose to change to left-handed shifting and a steering column with more normal indicator and light stalks to make the car more useable every day available by seperate negotiation.


    Come and see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on all of these years. Yes, it is another step up from what you’ve had before, yes, its engaging and no, you won’t want to get out of it!



    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 6,178cc


    Maximum speed 231 mph

    Power    661 bhp

    Torque  784 Nm

    0 – 60 in 2.8 seconds

    PRICE: £57,995.00 – ONO – PX welcome






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