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COLOUR: Amethyst Pearl Metallic

YEAR: 2005

MILEAGE: 52,549

PRICE: £32,250.00

2005 TVR T350C

  • This exact T350 has an awful lot to answer for in my eyes and wallet... It was the first ever TVR I stepped foot in and I had the pleasure of spending a whole day in the passenger seat on a trip to Goodwood. Since then, I’ve had 3 of my own, so to say that it sparked some form of an addiction would be a slight understatement.


    Owned by a good friend of mine since 2011, I know the car very well and can attest to both the quality of its condition and ownership and care it has had lavished on it. Resplendent in its one-off Porsche Amethyst Pearl paintwork, it looks every bit as special as all of the other supercars at the events it gets invited to. Limited numbers (only 450 T350’s were ever built) also ensure it will always be a very special sight wherever you take it.


    On the road these cars are seriously quick, pestering highly modified Nismo GTRs in the corners and thanks to their light weight, on the straights too! The car has been de-catted for three good reasons:

    • It spits flames when you shift gears at pace
    • It sounds loads better
    • It removes heat soak in the cabin from the cats that sit just beside you otherwise

    Perhaps not quite in that order, but the outcomes are all a great reason to run it as is (or you could put the cats back in for more sedate drives / warmth in the winter).


    With its short overhangs, short wheelbase, lightweight and stiffened chassis the T350 was every bit the driver’s car. The 343bhp from TVR’s own thumping Speed Six engine propels the T with alacrity, cornering speeds are just as impressive – none of the fabled handling woes to be seen here, just a quintessential small numbers British sports car, but without the standard parts bin interior, engine or switch gear. These really are a bespoke, handmade British supercar that not only look, sound and go brilliantly, but are from my book, hugely undervalued considering their rarity and competence.


    Clicking gears through the tough as nails T5 box, staring at the custom binnacle and using the factory fitted pedal box with all alloy pedals, you know immediately that you’re in a special car, just wait until you’re on the open road!


    Here’s a review from the period from a rather well-known chap, ...


    “By some considerable margin, this is the best TVR I’ve ever driven. With its integral roll-cage it feels stiffer and more together, like all four corners are working in harmony, rather than in discord. And the brakes are just astonishing.  So’s the power. You may only get 3.6 litres and no forced induction, but you end up with a better power-to-weight ratio than you get from a Lamborghini Murciélago. That means it is seriously, properly, eye-poppingly fast - Jeremy Clarkson

  • Having had a 6k service at Sussex TVR with the box oil done too, the car is ready to be enjoyed by its new owner, we have history from new, with a plethora of invoices neatly kept in its history folder. It has predominantly been looked after by TVR Sussex and has never wanted for anything at all.


    We have also done some work on it over the past 12 months, including having the Nitron dampers serviced and re-setting the car up, a new battery and a window regulator rebuild. The car had a brand new clutch fitted only 500 miles ago too, so there should be no real reason for it to need anything mechanically for some time, bar the standard yearly servicing. The current owner also had the front end of the car resprayed in order to remove some stone chips, so it presents even better than the last time we sold this lovely example (photos to be updated in due course).


    To add to the already fantastic all-round performance of a standard T350, this car has had the “Sagaris bump steer mod” fitted, which is also no longer available, so that’s a great addition in itself, but that’s not it. It has also had the all-important throttle body bearing upgrade, Tuscan S big brake upgrade, sports silencer fitted, Nitron dampers and as you may tell, a full re-trim inside, so the car presents fantastically and is even somewhat ahead of the amazing car Clarkson doted on when released.


    You’re unlikely to find a better spec’d car, but you certainly won’t find another in this colour, as it is the only one on the planet!


    Why not get in touch to see just why this exact car pulled my heartstrings so well, that it has started a lifetime love of all things TVR, the best cars, the best people, the best club and the biggest grins, come and see for yourself!


    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual T5

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 3,605cc


    Maximum speed  175 mph

    Power   350 bhp

    0 – 60 in 4.3 seconds

    PRICE: £32,250.00 - OVNO

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