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MODEL: Sagaris

COLOUR: Liquid Silver

YEAR: 2005

MILEAGE: 31,000

PRICE: £74,995.00 - ONO

2005 TVR Sagaris - AC

  • Iconic is a word thrown around a lot in the car world, but the Sagaris really is the true meaning of the word. The car that defined an era of petrolheads and is becoming more and more sought after as each day passes, the antithesis of all of the modern chod churned out by the current manufacturers. Fat, huge, heavy, loathsome, boring, over complicated, electronic fun removal systems are all phrases that you simply cannot put to a TVR, especially not the Sagaris. At a mere 1,078kg and boasting 406 bhp, these cars are supercar fast, with all of the classic driving experiences given with the lack of assistance.


    With nearly 400kg less than even the Lotus Emira, which has less space, less pace and isn’t anywhere near as rare (and has a Toyota engine), why oh why wouldn’t you plump for the Sagaris?! I mean, just look at it! Then fire it up and hear it too, this example has a de-catted exhaust and an ACT large bore tail set-up and it is just perfect! The Sagaris in on its way up in value at a rate on knots (you wait until the USA can have them in a few years’ time too), the Emira, falling like a stone! No contest. The Sagaris is faster, rawer and did I mention rare, oh yes, I did, but just how rare? Well, they made 211, around 160 remain, 110 are currently taxed on the U.K roads, that’s considerably less than the number of 288GTO’s still on the planet & we all know how they’ve done value wise.


    So why would you choose a slower car in the midst of its depreciation cycle over this, which is well on its way up? Worried you couldn’t tame the beast that is a TVR? Fear not, as the press are right, the Sagaris is an easy car to drive fast, or slow for that matter. With acres of throttle travel and a very linear straight six, feeding power to the road via a limited slip differential, hung up by AP Racing brakes, they’re surprisingly forgiving to drive, they stand head and shoulders above everything else available at the time unless you were in super & hyper cars, truly stunning!


    As intoxicating now as they were 20 years ago, (haven’t they aged well), a sight to behold, an aural pleasure, a safe investment and probably one of the best cars you will ever drive, this particular example is a fabulous car to pilot too, you need to see for yourself. We are fully aware that you could buy a McLaren that would eat you out of house and home that will be faster, but akin to laying on the hospital bed awaiting your appointment when compared with the theatre and involvement of the TVR - Nothing comes close.

  • With a fabulous documented history folder, bound in our HPC leather Filofax, this car has never wanted for a thing. 16 service stamps reside in the booklet, a 17th will be added at the time of sale by our workshop, just for peace of mind, that equates to 1,800-mile oil changes, thus the engine couldn’t have been better cared for if you wanted it to be.


    This particular car was also featured in EVO magazine in 2014, driven by Dan Prosser and photographed by the wizard that is Dean Smith, which really adds to its history. A copy of the magazine is of course in the history file for the new owner to enjoy all 8 pages.


    The car has the ACT big bore exhaust and de-cats fitted for the full TVR experience and is to our mind, just right. Sat on fresh rubber and having had the geometry well set up, the car drives beautifully. Complimented by the original Sagaris seats, so the driving position is just right.


    It had a new clutch fitted just 8,000 miles ago too and new fuel lines when it was last sold, by us in 2023. Why is it back up for sale? Well, our client fell in love with TVRs and bought another, a Vixen which is in the final throes of a full restoration, which has eaten a lot of his time, so the Sagaris hasn’t been used enough, add to that a new venture into classic racing, it will only be used very little in the coming years, so it’s time to find it a new owner that can enjoy it, will that be you?




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 3,996 cc

    ENGINE SPECIFICATION: 4.0L Speed six, dry sumped inline six.

    Maximum speed 185 mph

    Power    406 hp @ 7,000 rpm.

    Torque  473 NM. @ 5,250 rpm.

    0 – 60 in 3.7 seconds

    PRICE: £74,995.00 ONO




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