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MAKE: Bentley

MODEL: Continental

COLOUR: Dark Sapphire Blue over beige

YEAR: 2005

MILEAGE: 27,500

PRICE: £24,995.00

2005 Bentley Continental GT

  • Pulls like a train, yeah, we’ve all heard that 1,000 times before, but this thing, besides a 747 there isn’t a much better way of describing its relentless thrust.


    It isn’t very often I’ll say the photos don’t do a car justice, but the colour here is simply stunning and it really doesn’t show here. Having just had a full machine polish with our in-house detailer, it really does look one million dollars, with the interior being much the same, the car wears its miles very well.


    Starting with a muffled growl, you can immediately tell that this car has a very reserved manner, but is a purposeful weapon under the skin. Pull away and you could be on the quietest express train in the world. Squeeze the throttle pedal and you’re soon under no illusions that you could simply crush continents in a day with this car at your disposal.


    Inside the cabin, there’s every possible option you could have ever shaken a stick at by 2005, meaning that after a stress free and rather rapid 1000km trip, you can hop out at the other end as comfortable as the moment you got in her!

  • Due to the cars mileage everything is in fabulous order and thus it presents so well. This is not one of the leggy, used and abused cheap Bentley’s. This car comes from a collection of Bentleys and even Lagondas! You couldn’t hope to pick up a car from a better previous custodian. In fact, the single and only reason for it to be up for sale is that the owner is importing his favoured GTC from NZ as we speak, which is apparently even better!


    The car was looked after by Bentley for the first 5 years of its life until 2010, as evidenced in the history file, then passed to specialists, so it has been in good hands and looked after by the right people.


    The car wants for nothing having had 4 recent tyres and its last full service, with a few extra bits and bobs in 2021 and mileage at 26,347 totalling £2400.00.


    The car comes complete with its leather-bound owner’s manual, infotainment CD case and a second key too.


    This is a low mileage, low owners, well cared for car, which presents and drives just that way. It is a joy to be in, smoother than most cars could ever dream of, especially with the fresh tyres, the only downfall we can think of is that the number plate isn’t to be sold with the car, as that will go on the customers other car!


    An absolute steal at the new reduced price!



    TRANSMISSION: Automatic



    Maximum speed  198 mph

    Power   552 bhp

    0 – 60   4.7 seconds

    PRICE: £24,995.00 - REDUCED!

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