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MAKE: Ferrari

MODEL:  360 Spider - F1

COLOUR:  Rosso Corsa

YEAR: 2001

MILEAGE: 58,650


2001 Ferrari 360 Spider - F1

  • The epitome of the noughties Ferraris, everyone loved and wanted a 360 at some stage, rock stars, super stars and celebrities were renowned for driving these cars and for good reason. The character, noise and the incredible poise of the chassis are so clear from the moment you flick the key to start them. This one says a bit more though, as you may tell by the challenge grilles, it has a full Tubi exhaust system, letting it breathe better, along with a challenge chip on the ECU from the factory. It makes the exact F1 derived sonorous screams your boyhood dreams envisaged!


    Nicely presented with only minor signs of its age and mileage showing, no sticky plastics and buttons, a fresh clutch in 2021 and a service history that would embarrass most cars, this is certainly coming from a great home. Spec’d nicely from the factory too, with the sought after carbon interior and carbon sports seats, challenge front and rear grilles, red callipers and Scuderia wing shields. Having been cared for by Ferrari specialists all of its life, this car leaves you wishing for nothing more mechanically. A new clutch in 2021 also ticks off a big question on the hit list, so it is a car to hop in and enjoy.


    On the road, it is hard to choose what the standout part of the car is, as it is all just fabulous. The engine which had the highest specific output for a production NA engine for some years is just fabulous and gives such thrust, the chassis is equally as adept, so forgiving and also confidence inspiring. The brakes in standard Brembo fashion bring the car to halt just as well as it goes and the suspension is surprisingly forgiving, even with the sports seats, it is incredibly compliant on the roughest of roads. The badge really does stand for something special; Ferrari only seem to be able to design and manufacture outrageously good cars and this is yet another.


    When viewed against its contemporaries, the 360 makes for quite the supercar bargain. You could own this outright for the cost if depreciation on a lot of modern £100k cars in the first three years – let that sink in! What a smart place to put your money. There won’t be many more enjoyable ways to tie some funds up, that’s for sure.

  • With a great specification from the factory, this car was always going to be loved by its owners, which is shown in its incredible history. With all of its original book packs and an almost completely full service history booklet, 21 stamps in total, all from Ferrari specialists, with invoices backing up the stamps and an almost perfect MOT history, bar two tyres and a dust cover, it really shows how well it has been cared for.


    We have known and looked after this car for its current owner for the past year or so and we can attest to it being a really great and reliable machine. We are finding more and more often that a well-cared for Ferrari is a lot more reliable than a lot of its competitors. They are great value for the rarity and performance on tap, let alone how special they make you feel to drive. Nothing quite compares to a Rosso Corsa Ferrari!


    Come and see what we are on about, I think if you’ve not driven one before, you’ll be mighty impressed at what a cracking package these cars resemble and the value they offer in the current market is phenomenal, with no more naturally aspirated V8s rolling out of Maranello, these will only go one way value wise.


    Supplied with all of its original book packs, a full red indoor car cover, trickle charger and the number plate, it’s a great little package.



    TRANSMISSION: F1 automated manual

    Engine: 3.6 litre DOHC V8

    Power: 400 bhp @ 8,500 rpm

    Torque: 275 lb/ft @ 4,750 rpm

    0-60 mph: 4.5 Seconds

    Top Speed: 180 mph

    PRICE: £POA – We are open to sensible offers.

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