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MAKE: Morgan


COLOUR: Old English White

YEAR: 2001

MILEAGE: 55,000

PRICE: £34,995.00 - ONO

2001 Morgan Plus-8

  • The ultimate in classic British motoring for the modern era? Maybe! Our Old English White has the venerable Rover V8 placed in the middle of it, creating the torque and noise to move your body in the same manner your soul will be moved by the classic lines of this hand-built beauty. Adorned with a huge sum of factory options and a Tornado chip on the ECU, it has all your heart could desire both in equipment and in pace!


    In very good order considering the age and mileage, this car has clearly led a cossetted life with enthusiast owners, having had many parts replaced over the years, just to keep the cars appearance in tip-top shape. The colour combination has to be one of the best too, classic and classy, mated with the knock off wires, it really is a stunning sight to behold on the road.


    It has what can only be described as the smoothest Rover V8 we have ever encountered and a history file so thick, you’ll know why. The car drives just right, smooth and powerful, with lovely gear changes. The ride is sublime and comfortable with tonnes of power and feedback. The noise is just beautiful, exactly how you’d want a classic V8 sports car to sound. Not too loud that it’s brutal, but enough so that both you and pedestrians will know it’s a V8 without looking at the badges whilst you burble through.

  • This car seems to have come equipped with every possible option from the factory, with others added whenever they became available. As you can tell from the images, there isn’t anything more you’d ever need. Sports seats, Morgan Organ accelerator pedal, quarterlights, stainless luggage rack, Tornado chip on the engine, adjustable shocks, aero fuel cap, leather straps and bonnet corners, the list carries on and on.


    An enormous history file backs the cars condition up, with every single invoice from new, along with the cars’ original purchase receipt. HPC Classics have stored and serviced the car too, so we know it is in fine fettle and ready to be enjoyed. With new wheels and tyres having been fitted in 2021, every single component looks and feels a lot like a newer car. A new gear knob and steering wheel were fitted too, so that all of the touch points would have your mind believe that the car was only a few years old.


    This is one to view and drive if you’re looking for a cracking Morgan, don’t let the mileage put you off, this car is as tight as a drum and performs wonderfully, sounding as sweet as any V8 can. With Morgan’s order books still full to the brim, even with German powerplants in them, these RV8 cars are still holding their value beautifully. An enjoyable asset, all set and ready for your next tour. Where are you going first is the only question left unanswered…




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    Engine: 4.0L Rover V8

    Maximum speed 128 mph

    Power    190 hp

    Torque   305 NM.

    0 – 60 in 6.0 seconds


    PRICE: £34,995.00 – Open to sensible offers


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