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MODEL: Griffith 540!


YEAR: 1998

MILEAGE: 73,216

PRICE: £27,995.00

1998 TVR Griffith 540

  • There are many cars whose reputation proceeds them and a Griff 500 fits neatly into that category. With enough torque to tear the face off modern sports cars, a lively chassis and a growl that hasn’t been replicated since, there’s a lot to like if only mechanically. Add to that the fared in lamps, rear cut aways and twin stainless pipes, sending the delightful tunes from the engine directly to the road behind you, as you leave them in your dust…


    A Griff 500 is faster than a Ferrari Testarossa to 60mph, which is quite a claim to fame, although that wasn’t nearly enough for the previous owner of this particular car, who had the engine rebuilt by V8 Developments to their 5.4 specification, including a savage camshaft, ACT carbon inlet and triple Jenvey throttle bodies and modern coil packs, all managed by a Megasquirt ECU. The car has been mapped to produce 360 wheel horse power! That’s with the cats in, if you’d like them taken out and to have the car re-mapped to suit, it has managed 390 whp!


    This car hasn’t just had its breathing apparatus toyed with either, it has recently had Lotus seats trimmed and fitted to suit the rare optional full hide factory interior. It has adjustable drop links, Gaz adjustable shock absorbers, fresh wheels and tyres, a freshly refurbished power steering rack, new engine mounts, a service and cooling tower replaced, so the car is on the button and ready to make mincemeat of its competitors on the road.


    I don’t say it lightly, but this is by far the best driving Griff I’ve piloted. It isn’t for the faint of heart, you do need to rev it, but it really is the ultimate drivers Griffith. If you’re after one that you can track, one that will outperform every other naturally aspirated Rover V8 engined TVR at the local club, look no further as this will in the straights and round the bends too. Driving nirvana!

  • With almost every conceivable upgrade barring big brakes, this TVR delivers everything you could ever hope and dream of from the TVR experience. With Cerbera 4.2 pace, Griff noises, T350 handling and grip levels and some of the best aesthetics in the automotive world, it’ll tick a lot of boxes.


    The engine is a rebuilt 5.4 V8D cross bolted, top hat lined unit, with triple Jenvey throttle bodies, ACT carbon plenum and a big bore inlet, with modern coil packs, all managed by a Megasquirt ECU, the punch it packs is addictive. A certified 360 horses at the wheels, means that this Griff can and will keep up with modern machinery. The good stuff doesn’t end there though, with Gaz adjustable coil-overs, adjustable drop links, fresh tyres and wheels, a steering rack refurb and even Lotus seats added, the car handles as well as it goes.


    Here is a video of the first week our client bought the car to us:  since this was shot and edited, HPC Classics have addressed any items that required any TLC; servicing the car, new engine mounts, cooling tower, tyres and wheels, steering rack refurbished, bushes where required and more, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


    Added to the fact that the car is mechanically outstanding, you have the Lotus seats, giving a perfect driving position, meaning that you can easily manhandle the car and manipulate it to behave just so. Is this the most TVR TVR there is? We think so! Come and try it for yourself, you won’t leave disappointed, you’ll be addicted!




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual



    Maximum speed  Plenty

    Power   360 whp

    0 – 60 in 4.0 seconds

    PRICE: £27,995.00 - ONO

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