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MODEL: Griffith 4.5


YEAR: 1992

MILEAGE: 88,077

PRICE: £52,995.00 - ONO

1992 TVR Griffith 4.5BV - Development car

  • It’s well known that here at HPC Classics we really love a Griff, having owned two myself, a Pre-Cat 400 and a 500, it’s safe to say that I don’t have a favourite, but if there was the perfect Griff, this would be it! Pre-cat noise, through the ACT stainless exhaust system, add the highly developed suspension, Tuscan wheels and brakes, plus the diff from a Cerbera, you can really see why this was the development car. Hats off to its current keeper too, for keeping things nice and original wherever possible, but refreshing all of the possible perishable items, the car is absolutely A1 in every respect.


    The car presents beautifully throughout, with about two marks on the whole body, wonderful panel fit and an incredible interior and brilliantly detailed engine bay (housing a fresh certain Mr. Trickett’s finest 4.5 litre RV8), you really will struggle to find a better presented car. Once you’re strapped inside the leather cosseting interior the drivers seat is fresh, no tired squabs or bolsters, comfort is a 10/10, especially when coupled with all of the new suspension and bushings, the ride is sublime. Wind the engine up and not only does it move in such a way that would have frightened you in 1992, it would have frankly scared Maranello silly too, the recently rebuilt LT77 is solid and purposeful, the brakes, stunning is in any later T car, the suspension and wheel package elevate the grip levels to mid-2000’s supercar territory, teamed with the 1,040kg Griff, no power steering, you have a serious performer, with more feedback than any modern car could ever afford the driver (unless you’re looking at a GM.50s perhaps)…


    So, you recognise J524 MHG? Wherever you look for Griff content, you’re likely to bump into this car. J524 MHG was used as TVRs development car and press machine, seen in action with Tiff Needell at the helm - so it was always kept at the top of its game, lauded over by the motoring press (4 magazines with full features of the period come with the history file), having been Neil Anderson’s (TVR Chassis engineer) personal car, being tweaked for years, it even won the TVR sprint championship not once, but twice, yes, it is that good. It was also used by Peter Wheeler himself to get to the Tuscan Challenge races too. So not only is this a fabulous car in its own right, it has a history richer than the Roman empire and has been instrumental in the 90’s success of the TVR brand, a true national treasure of a car, an icon.

  • Let’s start with the important bit, shall we? Powers have built a fresh 4.5 engine in 2022, with big valves and all of the trimmings, I’d suggest a healthy 300bhp on the bum dyno, the engine has only just been run in and goes like a stabbed rat. The chassis is in amazing order, all of the suspension is as new and sticks the car to the road like glue. All of the ancillary components are equally in as fine fettle. The only two items we replaced in preparation for sale were the ignition coil and a set of HT leads, it really wants for nothing.


    The list of modifications is almost endless due to the history behind this car, it is exactly what it was held onto by the factory for, suspension, brakes, hubs, wheels, even the instruments are bespoke to this car, it really is a one of one.


    The car was fully restored over the course of 2 years in 2003 and refreshed mechanically again in 2022. The only real change to note from the original road tests is the upgrade from the 4.3 Big Valve engine, to the current 4.5 BV build. The car has also changed shade ever so slightly, from Storm grey, to Eleanor grey, besides that it retains an awful lot of its originality and is supplied with the most comprehensive history file we’ve seen for a 90’s car, truly amazing. But it must be noted that the car is in almost exactly the same spec as it left the TVR factory in 2001, so all of the upgrades you see now, were present and part of its development from 1992.


    This is a car for the true TVR enthusiast or car collector, sure to continue to appreciate, whilst being so useable and enjoyable. Classic driving, true speed, the best noise known to man and a superb history that will likely be unrivalled.




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual – LT77

    ENGINE CAPACITY: 4.5 litres


    Maximum speed  167 mph

    Power   285 bhp

    0 – 60 in 4.6 seconds

    PRICE: £52,995.00 - ONO






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