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MAKE: Ford

MODEL: Escort RS2000 X-Pack (MK2)

COLOUR: Signal Yellow

YEAR: 1978

MILEAGE: 59,038

PRICE: £46,995.00 – Open to offers

1978 Ford Escort RS2000 X Pack

  • About as iconic as a car can be, the MK2 Escort bravely followed on from where the MK1 left off, owning the sporty family two door car segment, the old adage of win on Sunday and sell on Monday was certainly still hard at work in the late 70’s following on from the great success of the Lotus Cortina, the Escort RS2000 created adoring fans all over the world. This car started life as a “standard” RS2000, being a rare thing alone (less than 600 currently MOT’s and Taxed on U.K roads), with the full restoration having been completed in 2003 adding the original parts from Ford for the Series-X pack look, and my, doesn’t it just sit right!


    Sitting pretty with its Minilite wheels (the originals are available with the car) neatly tucked under genuine original Ford Series-X arches, it really pops in factory signal yellow. The sheer amount of attention this car brings is overwhelming, probably more loved than the Ferrari’s next to it, due to the universal appeal that fast Fords generate. The larger wheels fit over upgraded brakes, to cope with the full X-Pack spec engine with the larger twin Weber carbs, just like the factory cars had. We can confirm that not only does it look the part, it sounds fantastic and goes very nicely too.


    Inside the cabin, the interior is in amazing condition considering that all of the components are original spec, even the legendary fishnet headrests are nice and tight and just look effortlessly cool, in a way that modern carbon just simply can’t compare. Pop the key in the ignition and the car fires up on the button thanks to some light tuning and settles into a beautiful idle. The noise intoxicating, mainly induction roar, steering feel is super direct and the car feels completely alive, proving it isn’t all about out and out speed, this is what real driving is all about. A smooth clutch and buttery gearbox compliment what has to be said is an all-round excellent package. What a car.

  • As you can tell, the car was subject to a complete restoration, back in 2003 and it looks every bit as good now as it would have then and when it was brand new. The car has covered minimal miles since and it shows in just how clean the car is underneath. Stone-chipped and protected too, so if you do plan on using it regularly, you’ve got some peace of mind there too.


    To add to the mechanical and cosmetic overhaul carried out in 2003, the suspension and handling were dialled in a bit more, with £1,100.00 further spent on the suspension and for a more aggressive ride and better handling to match with the mean aesthetic, although the original wheels and some RS2000 stickers are available with the car to return it to a more standard look, should you so desire.


    The car has the upgraded twin weber set up, that the X-Pack cars were given, meaning 20% more performance along with a host of other small modifications undertaken by Ford on what was previously known as project “Brenda” in order to get Escorts out and homologated for rallying.


    The car comes supplied with a chunk of history and is in incredible condition, testament to its caring ownership and low mileage covered since the restoration.  There are very few RS2000s on the road in the U.K now, even less with Fords original X-Pack kit fitted, so this is a real gem and something to pull a crowd at any show you attend.





    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual


    ENGINE SPECIFICATION: 2 litre Pinto, overhead cam, in-line four, dual Weber carbs.

    POWER:   110bhp

    TOP SPEED: 110mph

    0 – 60MPH: 8.9 seconds

    PRICE: £46,995.00 – Open to offers






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