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MAKE: Ferrari

MODEL: Dino 308 GT4

COLOUR: Verde Pino

YEAR: 1978

MILEAGE: 87,500

PRICE: £69,995.00 - ONO - PX

1978 Ferrari Dino 308GT4

  • That’s not a real Dino!!! Hmmmm, it can’t be, it has 4 seats. Sure? have you ever driven one? Probably not, but now’s the time, they’re utterly fabulous!



    …Yes, yes, it is a real Dino and as we all know Enzo REALLY loved his son; thus, he wouldn’t have a car named after him if it really wasn’t special to pilot. It is fabled that Enzo himself designed the dash layout, hence it being so driver focussed. These are known as an unloved relative, but to some eyes it’s 1970’s perfection. In stark comparison with some of the later 80’s 2 plus 2 offerings, where the fire and brimstone of the 60’s and 70’s Ferrari iconic and hedonistic prancing horse driving experience was watered down to suit a family, this is a real drivers machine first and foremost, it just so happens to have two further seats behind you, practical really.



    From the first instance of putting the key into the dash there is a wonderful “click”, everything has a sense that it was tailored to engage you. The chassis has a balance to it that is out of this world, you can see why so many people used them as race cars, as this is so rare and hard to come by. Operating the car has all of your senses engulfed and that is only heightened with the clack of the gated manual, turning the car in, it will dance on all 4 corners unlike the later and heavier cars. This is raw, only enhanced by the full tubular, stainless steel exhaust system.



    You’ll probably note from the first glance that the colour isn’t only striking but that it’s rather different. In fact, it is so different that only eight were imported in this colour. The only question I ask is why? It is so much better than Resale red and the time for verde Ferraris really seems to have arrived.



    It drives and looks this good thanks to a recent recommissioning having only covered around 4,000 miles since having had a body off, glass out and back to bare metal respray. The mechanicals have all been taken care of too, having had an engine rebuild, gearbox and differential rebuild, fresh suspension, bushes, the brakes rebuilt too, so it goes, turns and stops as close to a new car as you’re likely to find, as very few have been restored. This really is going to be about the best 308 GT4 you’re going to find, it is probably one of the rarest too, having had all four option boxes ticked from new.

  • Having had a fully documented body off, bare metal restoration, it presents very well indeed, barring a couple of small marks from the mileage it has covered since (some 4,000 or so). Everything works just as it should, it feels tight and smooth, the engine is super responsive and nothing gets in between you and the car. Every last item has been rebuilt or refurbished during this period, from engine, gearbox, diff, brakes, suspension, you name it, it has been refreshed and it is noticeable when pressing on.




    The car has had a full machine polish, ceramic coating and the all-important belt service, including oil, plugs and a full check over in prep for its new owner. I've also personally wiped the chassis down, as it is still so fresh from its restoration, it is as clean as the car is on top, a true delight and we'd welcome you to see underneath the car too.




    If you’re after a car to use, not afraid of the mileage, but that presents very well, with the added practicality of four seats, this could well be the one for you. It’s visceral, emotional and above all, it truly is special. Follow this link for our video of the car filmed with the great guys here from Car & Classic: to put you in the driver’s seat... Or a full length video:



    Upon arrival at HPC Classics, we gave the car a full once over, with the engine showing us just how healthy it is, producing 165 – 175psi across all 8 cylinders, along with a bonkers 120psi oil pressure on start-up and 80psi at idle. You’d be hard pushed to find a sweeter power unit, mated to the rebuilt dogleg five, it really is a joy! The engine was dyno'd at 223.5 bhp shortly after it was put back in the car, showing just how healthy it is.



    This car is quite frankly the best thing I've ever had the joy of driving, the chassis balance is other-worldly and it rewards you so much for each and every input made tenfold. I’m in love with it and I'm adamant you will be too. Having been given a glowing review from highly renowned Ferrari specialist Ian Barkaway when he drove it, you can rest assured that it’s a good egg.



    UYR 5S comes complete with its original tool roll, jack kit and an enormous history file documenting its entire life. They really don’t get much better, even if they do, I’ll wager it isn’t in the glorious hue of Verde Pino.




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed gated manual

    Engine: 2.9 L Dino V8

    Power: 227 bhp @ 6600 rpm

    Torque: 203 lb/ft @ 4600 rpm

    0-60 mph: 6.6 seconds

    Top Speed: 147 mph

    PRICE: £69,995.00 – Open to sensible offers & PX

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