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MAKE: Alfa Romeo


COLOUR: Connaught green

YEAR: 1968


PRICE: £127,500.00

1968 Alfa Romeo GTA-R

  • Lauded over by the motoring press in recent years due to the 105 coupe’s resurgence as a resto-mod hero; the perfect Giorgetto Giugiaro design is timeless and lends itself perfectly to becoming the pinnacle of classic car driver focussed machines and art on wheels all at once.


    This particular car being an original 1968 U.K RHD car, is a rarity in itself, but having been lavished with a huge number of upgrades which will be listed below, not only looks incredible in one of the best possible colour combinations, but sounds and drives as well as it looks too.


    A picture says a thousand words, in this case it certainly does. You can see that no stone has been left unturned in the quest for perfection, not only aesthetically, but mechanically too. A freshly rebuilt 2.0 litre Twin Spark Nord engine, with uprated cams, breathing through Jenvey throttle bodies, managed by an Emerald ECU provides 205bhp of punch, put to the ground by a rebuilt 5 speed box and an uprated limited slip differential. This is all kept in check with a Classic Alfa handling upgrade kit, Alfaholics brakes and Alfaholics GTA wheels specifically painted in Porsche Rose Gold to just set the tone are shod with Avon’s for ultimate grip, whilst retaining the period correct look. Even the fifth / spare wheel is to the same spec.


    To say that this 105 Coupe far surpasses any other that we have driven is an understatement, it can happily pootle around looking pretty, pulling easily along from 30mph in fifth, but wind it up a bit and it swiftly becomes a very capable little car. The engine is incredible continuing to pull power to the soft limit of 7,500rpm, our rolling road technician is adamant it could put out 220 plus bhp at 8,000rpm, but it was backed off for longevity. Surprisingly the delightful throttle response of the GTV hasn’t been lost either, nor has the induction roar. This really is the full package.

  • With an extensive list of upgrades, this car really shows the attention to detail when being driven, the lighter un-sprung mass, the upgraded brakes, suspension, lightweight flywheel all add up to it being scintillating on a B-Road. Very few cars look this good, let alone drive anything like it. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the upgrades on the car, this is before you consider the restoration of the body, set up and custom-made items and sourcing those rare and sought after 1750 GTV “flying buttress” seats that the Alfisti among you would have spotted. It really does have everything a true Alfa fan could possibly dream off – the perfect recipe? We think so…


    Suspension & braking:

    • Lightweight front lower arms,
    • Lightweight front spring pans,
    • Uprated suspension springs,
    • Adjustable top arms,
    • 29mm uprated front anti-roll bar & drop links,
    • Lightweight lock stops,
    • Rose jointed steering track rod kit,
    • Lightweight aluminium T-Bar,
    • Lightweight rear trailing arms,
    • Bilstein uprated dampers,
    • Alfaholics dual circuit bias pedal box kit,
    • Classic alfa big front brake upgrade,
    • Classic alfa GTA 14x7 Alloy wheel set


    Engine & drivetrain:

    • 2000cc Alfa Twinspark engine with uprated internals,
    • Classic alfa “Fast-road” performance camshaft upgrade,
    • Classic alfa Uprated valve spring kit,
    • Jenvey throttle bodies & fuel injection system,
    • Emerald ECU,
    • Lightweight steel flywheel,
    • Billet aluminium valve cover,
    • Lightweight alternator conversion
    • Ceramic coated stainless steel exhaust manifold,
    • Odyssey Extreme 25 lightweight battery & mounting kit,
    • Large bore exhaust system,


    Bodywork & interior:

    • GTA external door handles & buttons,
    • GTA stainless steel grille mesh kit,
    • GTA centre heart grille,
    • Alfaholics lightweight GT Side glass set,
    • 1750 “Flying buttress” GTV Seats,
    • Full leather retrimmed interior in saddle brown,
    • GTA lightweight inner door handles,
    • Momo Prototipo 380mm steering wheel,
    • GTA lightweight Pedals,
    • GTA lightweight gear stick.


    The list just goes on and on. To really see what this car is all about, we recommend calling in to our showroom in Eastbourne and taking this car in with your own eyes and nose, as the smell of that fresh leather is just as good as it looks - sumptuous. With very few 105 coupe’s this well prepped coming to market, this peach is sure not to stick around for long, especially at under half of the going rate to build something similar, so call to avoid disappointment. This one is ready to turn the key and enjoy already too, there’s something to be said about not having to wait!




    TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual

    Engine: 2.0 L Nord Twin cam, twin spark.

    Power: 205 bhp @ 7,500 rpm

    0-60 mph: 6.0 seconds

    PRICE: £129,500.00 – Open to sensible offers




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