New Defender sheds camo for World Land Rover Day

Land Rover has shared an image of a lightly-camouflaged new Defender for World Land Rover Day, 30 April.

With the angular disguise panels removed, the lines are clear to see - including echoes of the barrel sides introduced with the Series II in 1958.

Some design details are still being withheld - the image is heavily edited - but we get the idea of how the basic vehicle will look.

A prototype of the new Defender will experience life at the Borana Conservancy in Kenya as part of Land Rover’s 15-year partnership with Tusk Trust - hence the wrap design - where it will tow heavy loads, wade rivers and haul supplies across unforgiving terrain in real-world testing at the 14,000-hectare reserve.

Prototypes have already completed three-quarters of a million miles of testing around the globe ‘to ensure that it is the toughest and most capable Land Rover ever made’.

The new Defender will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.